January 05, 2009

The Big Picture

If you are interested in photography, you shouldn’t miss the Boston Globe’s Big Picture. Just stick the RSS feed in your Google Reader and wait for the magic to show up. I’d suggest going over there now and looking through some of the archives, too.

Recently, The Big Picture just put up their 2008 In Photos. There is some absolutely amazing photojournalism there. Take a look:

2008 In Photos Part 1 of 3
2008 In Photos Part 2 of 3
2008 In Photos Part 3 of 3

Here are a couple of my favorites from the 2008 In Photos series that inspire me to become a better photographer:

(#31 from Part 2)
(#1 from Part 3)

I can only dream having such a developed eye that I can see and capture those moments as they happen.