September 11, 2010

Lake George panorama

Lake George from Shelving Rock Mountain

It was a nice weekend afternoon, so my wife and I decided to hike up Shelving Rock Mountain (along with 25 lbs of wiggling one year old on my back).  We have hiked there before, and observed a great view, but missed the even better unobstructed panoramic view of Lake George and the Adirondacks only a short walk away.  Because I was carrying my son on my back, I opted to go light on the camera gear and only had a 50mm lens.  That wasn’t going to stop me from capturing the view! 27 shots (9×3) and 120mp later, and I had the shot you see here.

original stitched photo

I assembled the panorama with Photoshop CS5 and then had to cut it down to 1/4 the original size in order to work with it because my machine was so bogged down.  There were a few edges that didn’t quite get filled in and content aware fill really saved the day here.  In retrospect, while it would have been nice to have had a wide lens up there, I’m glad I took the 50 because it forced me to think a little creatively to come up with the shot I wanted.

If you want to see some stunning panoramic photography of the Adirondack region  I suggest you check out Carl Heilman.  I have one of his works hanging on my living room wall.